March/April 2021 ISSUE

March 2021 Issue
March 2021 | Digital Edition

Is a Gel Bath the Key to Scalable, Affordable 3D Printed Ceramics?

3D printed polymer-derived ceramics (PDCs) could find wider application through a process developed at the University of Texas at Dallas that extrudes preceramic material in a self-healing bath for support through printing and curing.



3D Printed Prefab Homes, Made from Composite and UL-Certified

Mighty Buildings wants to change the construction industry with prefabricated houses 3D printed on demand from thermoset polymer composite. Two such buildings have already been installed.


How 3D Printing Will Change Composites Manufacturing

A Q&A with the editor-in-chief of CompositesWorld explores tooling, continuous fiber, hybrid processes, and the opportunities for smaller and more intricate composite parts.


The Case for Tackling the Toughest Material First

The increasing speed and power of high-end processors and data centers has created a market for advanced thermal management solutions. A Silicon Valley startup called Holo is dedicating its first line of products toward this market, starting with 3D-printed copper heat exchangers.