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May 25

June 1


All webinars are recorded and available on demand.

Generative Design for Manufacturability and Cost Insights

Leading manufacturers are supercharging their pace of innovation by taking advantage of design exploration through the use of generative design.

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On-Demand: Additive Manufacturing's Impact on Design and Production

In the world of additive manufacturing, the ability of machines to produce high-complexity parts is almost boundless. Design is a typical constraint when getting the most out of these technologies.

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On-Demand: Virtual Tour of Autodesk's Technology Center in Birmingham, UK

The tour will showcase exciting customer stories utilizing emerging technologies including generative design, additive and hybrid manufacturing, industrial robots, and more.

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Improve COVID-19 Safety in Your Building with Flow Simulation

These building design and flow simulation tools are now being used to help companies evaluate workspace modifications to determine how to safely provide their employees and customers with a safe environment.

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The Importance of Using Certified Plastics for Additive Manufacturing

Researchers identified significant variations and concluded that performance ratings from traditional manufacturing techniques cannot be applied when the same material is used in 3D printing.

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Simulation Paves the Way for Productivity with Additive Manufacturing

A comprehensive simulation-optimization approach ensures safe and proper use of AM equipment, avoids expensive machine crashes, and ensures parts are machined optimally and safely.

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Redefining Multi-Material 3D Printing Serving All Industries

Multi-material printing can expand your AM parts options driving better, faster, and lower costs for new product development and internal tooling needs.

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Advanced Strategies for Using Additive Manufacturing to Improve Casting and Injection Molding

This webinar will highlight "hybrid" applications where additive is combined with traditional manufacturing processes in ways that help companies reduce costs and quickly pivot to pursue new market opportunities.

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Sheet Metal Forming: Quickly Produce Tools In-House with 3D Printing

Learn specific design considerations and application examples for printed tools suitable for your machine shop or assembly line.

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Flexible Material Development on Renishaw Multi-Laser Systems

Renishaw will demonstrate their own working practices and requirements when developing new alloys and pushing the limits of machine through-put. Register today!

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Multi-Laser SLM for Qualified Serial Production of Medical Devices

SLM Solutions will address several key technical developments that contribute to the robustness and productivity of the multi-laser SLM process. Register today!

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Renishaw Additive Manufacturing: Bringing to Bear a Pedigree for Innovation

Renishaw will show how their history of product innovation and world-leading technologies across the spectrum of manufacturing are brought together in their approach to the challenge of additive manufacturing. Register today!

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Machine Shops Using AM for Business Expansion: A Fireside Chat with Duncan Machine Products

Learn about Duncan Machine Products’ entrepreneurial journey and strategic decision to invest in metal AM. Register today!

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Supply Chain Lessons from COVID-19: How to Get Started with TCO

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is the key tool to objectively compare alternative sources to determine which items can be most profitably sourced domestically and which to offshore. Register today!

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Metal Additive Manufacturing: A Safe Approach to Powder Handling

SLM Solutions will cover personal safety such as anything used to protect the operator from direct powder contact, along with facility safety meaning anything used to limit the risk of powder handling. Register today!

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Supply Chain Lessons from COVID-19: For Job Shops and Other Suppliers

In the third webinar in this series, Harry will, in detail, demonstrate how to convince your customers that they will be more profitable buying from you 20 to 40% of products they now import. Register today!

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Understanding the Effects of Process Parameters on the Melt Pool Profile

SLM Solutions will present a study of variability at the melt-pool level in different laser powder bed fusion systems using identical material and process parameters. Register today!

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Optimizing Serial Production with AM Software

Learn how controlling every detail in the manufacturing process through additive manufacturing software, has direct impact on your bottom line. Register today!

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