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Metal AM

Linear Comes Full Circle

The relaunched company will focus on metal 3D printing of mold inserts with conformal cooling. The timing is great, because some high-volume molders have just finished proving that this solution works.

Design for Additive

Machine Learning for Invention Will Aid and Be Aided By AM

Neural networks that learn by trial and error—learning, in fact, like a child—will map the constraints of AM systems, allowing part designs to be optimized for those systems.

Interview Series

Video: The Case for Hybrid Manufacturing in Moldmaking

Instead of relying on EDM to machine features recessed deep into the part, machine those features while 3D printing progresses, finishing them before they become hard to reach.

Polymer AM

10 Ways 3D Printing Is Advancing Plastics Manufacturing

By expanding possibilities for plastic parts, short-run molds and production mold tooling, additive manufacturing is becoming an important complement to established plastics processes.


Video: Smith & Nephew on 3D Printing Patient-Specific Surgical Instruments

Using MRI and additive manufacturing to produce a cutting block customized to the patient aids the precision of the surgery.

Metal AM

How Machine Learning Is Moving AM Beyond Trial and Error

A Colorado alliance has found the link between AM and AI. Using machine learning to map the formula for successful metal 3D printing, researchers aim to know the right parameters for any new part with few or no test builds.


Video: Moldmaker Succeeding with Conformal Cooling

B&J Specialty now complements its machining capabilities with metal 3D printing for making mold inserts with cooling channels that follow the contours of the mold. The shop is even revisiting challenging molds from the past.

Metal AM

With Machine Learning, We Will Skip Ahead 100 Years

Machine learning or AI will prove vital to the advance of AM. Computational power will enable additive to advance much faster than if it had been invented in an earlier time.

Metal AM

Here Is What a Four-Laser Machine Can Do—and Here Is the Hardware Used to Do It

One laser gets you this far. Two lasers get you this much farther. These productivity comparisons with a four-laser machine also show the cooling geometry that brings four lasers together.

Hybrid Manufacturing

Product Removal Module Is a Multitasking Machine Tool Tailored to AM

An automatic bandsaw removes the parts and a milling cycle refurbishes the plate for the next build.

Metal AM

The Size Limit on Powder-Bed Machines Has Now Been Overcome, Says GE

Innovations enabling the new ATLAS machine are scalable to even bigger parts than the component shown at Formnext.

Design for Additive

Can Chemistry Set AM Free of the Cost and Constraints of Support Structures?

Support structure removal is costly and can prevent supports from being used in some areas of the part. This researcher may have found the answer that will make support structures easy.