Computer Vision System Automates Characterization of Metal Powder

A computer vision system that has learned to classify metal powders could speed material qualification and advance machine learning in additive manufacturing.

How Machine Learning Is Moving AM Beyond Trial and Error

A Colorado alliance has found the link between AM and AI. Using machine learning to map the formula for successful metal 3D printing, researchers aim to know the right parameters for any new part with few or no test builds.

What GE’s Machine Learning Ecosystem Will Mean for Additive Manufacturing

At GE’s Global Research Center in upstate New York, engineers join forces to build a digital library of additive research.

From the Editor

With Machine Learning, We Will Skip Ahead 100 Years

Machine learning or AI will prove vital to the advance of AM. Computational power will enable additive to advance much faster than if it had been invented in an earlier time.

Check This Out

Here Is What a Four-Laser Machine Can Do—and Here Is the Hardware Used to Do It

One laser gets you this far. Two lasers get you this much farther. These productivity comparisons with a four-laser machine also show the cooling geometry that brings four lasers together.

Taking Shape

AM Design May (Finally) Launch the Aerospike Engine

A team of engineers turns to additive design to create—and successfully test—“the holy grail of the spaceship movement.”

The Post-Production Challenge for Additive Manufacturing

The benefits of controlling postprocessing operations for additively produced parts reach beyond cost.

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