2018 Additive Manufacturing Events Seeking Proposals

Manufacturing professionals are invited to submit abstracts for two events: the 3D Printing Workshop at NPE - The Plastics Show and the Additive Manufacturing Conference at IMTS.


AM Enables Manufacturing for Design, Not the Other Way Around

Additive manufacturing allows us to make any shape we want, without having to adapt the design for the manufacturing process.

Metal AM

Fabrisonic's Ultrasonic AM Integrates Sensors into Metal

Rapid 2018: Fabrisonic’s Ultrasonic AM technology uses solid-state welding to integrate temperature-sensitive components into 3D-printed metal parts.


Additive Industries Delivers Metal AM System to Sauber

In exchange, Additive Industries will use Sauber’s production facility for training its European customer base.


SPE Automotive Composites Conference (ACCE) Issues Call for Papers

The 2018 ACCE again includes a track on additive manufacturing for composite applications in the automotive industry. 


Thermwood 3D Prints Large Boat Hull Pattern

Thermwood’s large-scale additive manufacturing (LSAM) technology enabled the fabrication of a 3,000-lb plug for a boat hull mold. The project illustrates how 3D printing could help reduce fabrication costs for marine composites. 


GE Additive Education Program Open for Entries

GE is investing $10 million over five years in educational programs to deliver 3D printers to schools around the world.

Polymer AM

Farsoon’s Entry-Level PLS System Produces Detailed Parts

New processing systems and self-developed control software help the eForm achieve the functionality and power of an industrial AM system.


Voxeljet VX200 Offers High-Speed Sintering for Functional Components

Rapid 2018: The High-Speed Sintering (HSS) process is said to combine the advantages of selective laser sintering and binder jetting.


Series: Installing a Metal 3D Printer

A five-part series documents one manufacturer’s experience and lessons learned while installing a powder-bed fusion metal 3D printer.


Keynote Speakers Announced for 2018 AMUG Conference

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) has announced that Dominik Rietzel and Todd Grimm  will deliver keynote speeches at the event. 


Video: Where Does Additive Manufacturing Make Sense?

Can 3D printing produce a useful, functional part? The answer is, unequivocally, yes. Editors discuss where and when AM makes sense in this video.