A Resonant Harmony for Bell Casting and 3D Printing

By: Brent Donaldson, Senior Editor

When a 180-year-old bell foundry sought an alternate solution for expensive metal mold patterns, it turned to a 125-year-old company for a modern solution: large-format additive manufacturing.
#sand #composites #casting


Finally a Polypropylene You Can 3D Print

A new portfolio of polypropylene products from Braskem has finally solved the problem of excessive warpage in 3D printing applications. Finally, you can get the benefits of PP without the processing headaches.

AM 101: Powder Bed Fusion (PBF)

By: Stephanie Hendrixson, Senior Editor

Whether in metal or polymer, with a laser or an electron beam, powder bed fusion (PBF) is one of the most widely used 3D printing techniques.
#metal #basics #polymer

Balancing MFAM and DFAM for Metal Additive Manufacturing

By: Timothy W. Simpson, Paul Morrow Professor of Engineering Design & Manufacturing

For viable metal AM, users must balance design for additive manufacturing (DfAM), modifying for additive manufacturing (MfAM) and cost per kilogram.


Why I Am Bullish on Additive: 3 Factors Favoring 3D Printing’s Continued Advance

By: Peter Zelinski, Editor-in-Chief

The shortcomings are being overcome and the advantage is nothing less than freedom. Only the pace of the advance is uncertain.
#supplychain #enterprise #basics


Solving MRO Challenges with Bound Metal Deposition

By: Evan Doran

Three case studies reveal how Desktop Metal’s second-generation Studio System bound metal deposition printer eliminates common safety hazards of metal AM, enhancing the technique’s value for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) applications.
#lightweighting #metal #topologyoptimization

Medical & Dental

3D Printing Brings Custom, Affordable Bone Prostheses to Thai Patients

By: Stephanie Hendrixson, Senior Editor

Meticuly was founded to provide custom bone implants for local patients in Thailand and regional countries who otherwise would be dependent on standard, imported devices. The concept could be a model for medical treatment in other emerging economies.
#supplychain #implants #metal

Support Structures and Build Layout Lead to Series of Fails — AM: Why the Failure? #4

By: Peter Zelinski, Editor-in-Chief

A 3D printed piston crown illustrates the iterative path to success often part of laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing.
#AMWTF #metal #video

Digital Demo: Why LSAM?

Scott Vaal, Thermwood’s LSAM product manager, offers an overview of key aspects of the large scale additive manufacturing market. (Sponsored)


3D Printed Tooling Supports Prototype Foam Seating

By: Stephanie Hendrixson, Senior Editor

Automotive manufacturers and other OEMs require mold tooling to build foam components like seat cushions. 3D printed tools could be a faster, more affordable way to prototype and produce these parts.
#sand #prototyping


Sand 3D Printing Benefits Lightweighting and EV Production

Edited by Evan Doran

Brooks Crownhill Limited has used Voxeljet’s sand 3D printers to rapidly prototype automobile part molds, with the increased design flexibility enabling lightweighting while strengthening individual components.
#sand #lightweighting #casting


How Flowable Metal Paste Could Deliver on 3D Printing's Promise for Mold Tooling

By: Stephanie Hendrixson, Senior Editor

A new 3D printing process that shapes extruded metal paste before sintering can produce fine detail and surface finish suitable for injection mold cores and cavities with limited or no additional postprocessing.
#hybrid #metal #moldmaking

Medical & Dental

How A Digital Manufacturing Workflow Is Making Orthoses, Prostheses More Accessible

By: Stephanie Hendrixson, Senior Editor

EastPoint Prosthetics and Orthotics has a track record of changing lives with limb prostheses, orthoses, helmets and more. The digital workflow it has built with Additive America to 3D print these devices is now allowing this mission to go farther.


Distribution Network Aims to Be the "Inventory Bridge" for Metal Powders

By: Stephanie Hendrixson, Senior Editor

Recently launched KBM Advanced Materials connects metal powder suppliers to customers in additive manufacturing, metal injection molding and more.
#supplychain #metal


3D Printed Headgear that Can Take a Hit: The Cool Parts Show #31

By: Stephanie Hendrixson, Senior Editor

A custom helmet made via Multi Jet Fusion has allowed Sarah Piersanti to get back to practicing jiu-jitsu without fear of damaging her cochlear implant.
#implants #video #coolparts


Three Elements of a Micro 3D Printing Platform

By: Julia Hider, Associate Editor

Micro 3D printing, aided by advances in optics, machine design and materials, gives companies the capability to print production runs and produce micro mold inserts without micromachining.
#polymer #moldmaking

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