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Stephanie Hendrixson, The Cool Parts Show, nasopharyngeal swabs

How Test Swabs Became 3D Printing's Production Win: The Cool Parts Show Special Episode
Nasopharyngeal swabs for COVID-19 testing are one of the best production cases for 3D printing we've seen, pandemic or otherwise. Why AM is winning on speed, functionality and collaboration. 

Consortium Aims to Print COVID-19 Test Swabs at Rate of Millions Per Week
Nasopharyngeal swabs are now available for order and immediate fulfillment through members of this consortium, including: Carbon, Formlabs, Envisiontec and Origin.

3D Printing for Production at Ford: The Cool Parts Show S2E1
The parking brake bracket on the Mustang Shelby GT500 is now 3D printed instead of stamped. Learn how Ford is thinking about additive manufacturing in this episode of The Cool Parts Show.

3D Printing Trends for 2020 (and a Quick Look Back at 2019)
Additive Manufacturing (both the technology and the media brand) advanced and matured in 2019. A quick recap of 2019, plus predictions for 3D printing in 2020. 

Formnext 2019

Formnext 2019 Emphasizes Complete Additive Manufacturing Process Chain — Well Beyond 3D Printing
The biggest AM event gets bigger. The sophistication of attendees advances. Materials, digital tools and postprocessing are prominent. Here are 10 impressions of this year’s show.

Protolabs Announces Carbon DLS Launch
Protolabs expands its industrial 3D printing capabilities for production-grade parts with Carbon Digital Light Synthesis technology.

Video: Can 3D Printed Parts Hold Self-Tapping Screws?
Automotive light maker Varroc Lighting Systems will soon begin using additive manufacturing for plastic production parts fastened into assemblies. Here are the results of its tests with self-tapping screws.

Additive Manufacturing — More Than Metal: How Vat Photopolymerization Started It All
Vat photopolymerization was the first AM process to be successfully commercialized. Three decades later, this technology has shown how AM is capable of scaling to volume production and making custom products on demand.

AM Conference Plastics Amerimold 2019

Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Plastics 2019 Recap
The Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Plastics, held during Amerimold 2019, offered a platform for industry experts and mold builders to discuss how AM can complement injection molding and what it takes to transition from prototyping to high-volume production.

Kenzie Veith, product engineer, looking at the build platform

Injection Mold or 3D Print? How Resolution Medical Pivots Production
Minnesota manufacturer Resolution Medical is finding opportunities for additive manufacturing via Carbon 3D printers as an alternative to injection molding for production.

May/June 2019 issue of Additive Manufacturing magazine

May 2019 Issue Explores Additive Manufacturing for Production
The latest issue of Additive Manufacturing magazine showcases real AM production examples in the aerospace, defense and medical industries.

Rapid +TCT

10 Impressions of Rapid + TCT 2019
The largest additive manufacturing exposition in North America is now a mature industry trade show. Here is what the editors of Additive Manufacturing Media saw at this year’s Rapid + TCT.

AM Workshop for Plastics at Amerimold

Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Plastics Unveils Complete Program
Presented by Additive Manufacturing Media, Plastics Technology and MoldMaking Technology, the 3D Printing AM Workshop for Plastics will present practical applications of 3D technologies related to plastics processing.

Ellen Lee, Ph.D., Additive Manufacturing Technical Leader, Ford Motor Company; Paul Dilaura, Vice President, Enterprise Partnerships, Carbon

Ford in Production with On-Demand AM Polymer Parts
Ford and Carbon presented the first digitally manufactured polymer parts in production for the Ford Motor Company, created with Carbon’s digital light synthesis technology.

Vitamix nozzles inside continuous liquid interface production printer from Carbon

AM 101: Digital Light Synthesis (DLS)
Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) is the name for Carbon's resin-based 3D printing process. How it works and how it differs from stereolithography.

Lamborghini Urus air duct split

Carbon, Lamborghini 3D Print Auto Parts at Scale
Carbon and Lamborghini have partnered to use Carbon’s DLS technology for part production.

presenters on stage at the Additive manufacturing Workshop for Automotive

Watch: Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Automotive Video Available
Watch the full program of the inaugural Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Automotive, and learn how automotive manufacturers are using 3D printing in production.

Carbon, Dentsply Sirona Collaborate on Digital Denture Materials
Carbon has announced its collaboration with Dentsply Sirona to deliver a printable denture material system to the market.

Ford HVAC lever arm

Carbon, Ford Collaboration Unveils AM Parts at Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Automotive
At the Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Automotive, Carbon and Ford unveiled the digitally manufactured polymer parts that they have collaborated on, the first AM parts in production designed specifically for Ford.

Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Automotive panel discussion

Recap: The Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Automotive
The inaugural AM Workshop for Automotive at the North American International Auto Show brought together the world’s top automotive and additive manufacturing technology experts on one stage. Here’s what they had to say.

Wilson Tool for Additive Manufacturing Magazine

A Global Tooling Manufacturer Goes 3D
Wilson Tooling International turns to Carbon’s DLS technology to reimagine a critical part.

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