Safran, SLM Solutions Test Technology for Large Airplane Component

In a joint project, Safran Landing Systems and SLM Solutions tested selective laser melting to produce a component of a nose landing gear for a bizjet, marking a world first for a part of this size.
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Rusal America joins Neighborhood 91 AM Campus at Pittsburgh Airport

Neighborhood 91 is the first development in the world to both condense and connect all components of the additive manufacturing and 3D printing supply chain into one powerful production ecosystem.
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Collaborators Publish Overview of Disposal Procedures for Powder Condensate

Sintavia partners with the AMGTA and Triumvirate Environmental Inc. to publish overview of proper handling procedures for powder condensate waste generated as part of the PBF additive manufacturing process.
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Sintavia Acquires Three More GE Additive Arcam A2X EB Printers

Company using them to manufacture high-precision structural titanium components for the aerospace and defense industry.


How 3D Printing Will Change Composites Manufacturing

A Q&A with the editor-in-chief of CompositesWorld explores tooling, continuous fiber, hybrid processes, and the opportunities for smaller and more intricate composite parts.
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Bell Textron, Ingersoll Machine Tools Produce 3D Printed Rotor Blade Trim Tool

Collaborative effort successfully manufactured a 22-foot-long vacuum trim tool for production of main rotor blade components.
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Burloak Becomes First Additive Manufacturer Approved to Supply Boeing

Burloak Technologies Inc. developed a well-defined specification that demonstrated robust, repeatable processes to produce flight components using additive manufacturing.


Sintavia Expands Rocket Manufacturing Capability with Customized AM Printers

For most existing commercial rocketry in production, the M4K-4 can manufacture an entire thrust chamber assembly as a single unit, including optimized regenerative cooling passages, thereby dramatically reducing manufacturing complexity and time.


3D Printed Parts on the Mars Perseverance Rover: The Cool Parts Show #23

The Perseverance parts made through additive manufacturing are extreme examples of lightweighting. We have replicas of the 3D printed parts that were sent to Mars.
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Can the U.S. Become Self-Sufficient in Aerospace Alloy Metal Powders?

6K’s technology can upcycle titanium and nickel-alloy parts into additive manufacturing powder. Here is how the circular economy helps national security.
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SAE ITC Launches Data Consortium for Additive Manufacturing

Group to prepare rigorous material and process specifications for aerospace design community — especially those that are certified under the FAA, EASA, U.S. Air Force or other aviation regulatory agencies.


3D Printing and the Next Giant Leap for Mankind

A collaboration between Aerojet Rocketdyne and NASA is resulting in critical parts being 3D printed for new versions of the workhorse RS-25 engine.


Mars Rover Instrument Is Manufacturing Challenge, 3D Printing Victory

A critical instrument on the Perseverance rover requires five components that could only be made via additive manufacturing. Carpenter Additive overcame obstacles to produce them.
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CNC Machining as a Business Strategy for Additive Manufacturing

As 3rd Dimension Industrial 3D Printing ramps up for production — including a fleet of new 3D printers in a custom-designed building — it's the company's traditional machining capabilities that provide a unique competitive advantage.
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3D Systems Develops Large, Fast Powder Metal 3D Printer for Army

New solution may revolutionize key supply chains associated with long-range munitions, next-generation combat vehicles, helicopters, and air and missile defense capabilities.
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Where Blockchain and 3D Printing Converge, Distributed Manufacturing Can Thrive

Decentralizing production through additive manufacturing can bring numerous benefits, but these can only be realized through trust. VeriTX is building a platform to secure a trusted digital supply chain for aerospace and beyond.  
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