6K's Onyx In718 Metal Powder Created from Sustainable Sources

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6K Onyx In718

SEM image of Onyx In718, demonstrating spherocity and zero satellites.

6K, the developer of microwave plasma technology for the production of advanced materials used in industrial markets including additive manufacturing, has announced the debut of its Onyx In718 premium powder for AM. 6K’s Onyx In718 premium nickel alloy metal powder is said to be derived from certified chemistry sustainable sources.

This high performing powder is said to be created from a more sustainable process (less energy/waste) than traditional powder processes, and is expected to enable a new “point of origin” for used powders and parts, necessary for a cost-effective and highly efficient closed loop supply chain

Enabled by feedstock sources from reclaimed alloys, combined with the UniMelt microwave plasma system, 6K can produce powders that provide higher sphericity, zero porosity, elimination of satellite, and high flowability and tap density. It is the first in the Onyx series of premium powders that have higher performance and can be made from certified chemistry sustainable sources, the company says.

Dr. Youping Gao, CEO of Castheon, a leading US-based additive manufacturing research and comprehensive advanced manufacturing solution provider, says: “Using 6K’s Onyx powders, we are achieving higher strengths and elongation than I have seen before. It is also possible to achieve isotropic grain structure after heat treatment, resulting in near isotropic properties (XY and Z directions), which is very exciting.”

The Onyx In718 material highlights the first two proof points of 6K’s strategy to offer additive manufacturing powders derived from sustainable sources. One developed from certified chemistry machined turnings, and the second from rejuvenated used additive manufacturing powder. 6K will extend this in the future to use feedstock created from additive manufacturing support structures, non-conforming 3D printed parts post-print and other inputs.

6K is partnering with customers to pre-qualify and sample Onyx In718 for commercial availability in 2020.