Farsoon Launches Beta Test Program for HT1001P in North America

The beta test program focuses on a recently launched Farsoon Continuous Additive Manufacturing Systems (CAMS) 3D printer for polymer laser sintering.


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Farsoon Technologies has announced the evaluation program of its HT1001P large-platform additive manufacturing system. The beta-test assessment of the HT1001P Polymer Laser Sintering (PLS) system, part of the Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) ecosystem, will take place over the next six months in North America.

The initial scope of this program is the development of an optimized HT1001P system for productive fabrication of parts for end use. The HT1001P enables 3D printing large parts or multiple quantities of parts in a build envelope measuring 1,000 × 500 × 450 mm (39.37" × 19.68" × 17.7") with engineering polymers, such as polyamides (Nylons), as well as varieties of other specialized materials such as PA6, TPUs, TPEs, etc. with the target market being the production of many polymer parts at substantially lower costs.

“We are evaluating Farsoon’s HT1001P 3D printing technology as part of our diverse approach to additive manufacturing,” said John Dulchinos, VP of digital manufacturing for Jabil. “The platform’s footprint and performance throughput could add yet another level of productivity to Jabil’s growing portfolio of solutions while its large-format functionality is well suited for meeting our customers’ requirements, especially in the aerospace and transportation industries.”