Rethink Plastics Manufacturing in January 2020 Issue

This issue breaks open the conversation about moldmaking versus additive manufacturing.
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January 2020 Issue of Additive Manufacturing Magazine

The latest issue of Additive Manufacturing magazine digs into the “mold or print” conversation. Read it here.

Possibilities for plastics are increasing as a consequence of the advance of additive manufacturing (AM). With plastics, there is now a “mold or print” decision for production parts, and this “print” option will overcome many limitations on plastics.

The latest issue of Additive Manufacturing Magazine delves into this idea. Our cover story looks at one former mold shop that has chosen additive and isn’t looking back. Linear AMS, formerly Linear Mold & Engineering, sold its CNC machine tools and all the equipment it once used for moldmaking and pushed forward with AM. Why the change? Linear AMS can now 3D print plastic parts in the quantities automotive companies need for prototyping and skip moldmaking for these parts. Additive simplified the design-to-production process.

This process simplification with AM is seen in another feature covering the DustRam, a device invented by Jack King. Initially used to avoid injection molding on the DustRam, 3D printing proved a cost-effective weight saver. 3D printing is allowing King to make better use of his role as both manufacturer and user.

Also in this issue:

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