Infographic: Additive Family Tree

An infographic from Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies offers a quick overview of the seven “families” of additive manufacturing.


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seven families of additive manufacturing

Infographic courtesy of Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies. Click here to download a printable copy.

In the mainstream media, “3D printing” has become a shortcut way of describing all additive manufacturing technologies. The term may be easier to explain to the general public than “additive manufacturing,” but it’s not accurate. Additive manufacturing is so much more than a single method. In fact, there are so many technologies that can be considered “additive” that it can be difficult to keep them straight even if you’re familiar with them, let alone explain the differences to friends, colleagues or customers who aren’t.

In a presentation the Additive Manufacturing Conference in October, Dr. Jason Jones (president and founder of Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies) explained that additive manufacturing technologies can be divided into seven main types or “families.” An infographic used in this presentation delineates the distinct characteristics of each of the seven according to ASTM F2792 standards (plus an eighth category for hybrid technologies such as the Ambit). While not meant to be comprehensive, this graphic could be a helpful aid for visitors, students or customers who need a fast overview of the technology differences.

Click here or visit Hybrid Manufacturing’s Education page to download a printer-friendly PDF of this infographic.