EOS in Two IMTS Pavilions with AM Advances

Applications include multi-part production and an automated system for mold tooling. The company’s North American User Day also returns to IMTS.


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Additive manufacturing technology supplier EOS says it will emphasize production applications of additive technology at the upcoming International Manufacturing Technology Show. According to company Senior VP Andrew Snow, two different scenarios for the potential role and value of the company’s technology in production will be seen in two different pavilions at the show.

In the show’s new Additive Manufacturing Pavilion, EOS’s booth N-79 will feature the debut of the company’s new M 400 direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) machine, which not only features large travels, but also is available in an “M 400 Quatro” version offering four lasers for producing four parts at once. Indeed, Snow explains that the four laser quadrants within the machine’s 400-by-400-mm travels overlap one another by 50 mm. That means each quadrant provides the same build area as the company’s existing M 270 and M 280 machines. AM processes for parts made on one of these smaller machines can therefore be transferred to the new M400, so that those parts can now be built at four times the rate.

But the application of AM in production is not just limited to end-use parts. Another application is the creation of tooling used for production. An example of this can be seen in the South Hall, Snow says—in GF Machining Solutions’ booth S-8754. Here, this company will apply its AgieCharmilles AM S 290 Tooling additive manufacturing machine (based on EOS's M 290 machine) within an automated system for creating injection mold tooling. In the system to be shown, mold inserts are grown within the DMLS machine onto a System 3R pallet, which repeatably locks in place in System 3R receivers. A receiver such as this in a machining center then enables the insert to be clamped there for finish machining, while a receiver within a wire EDM machine allows this machine to cut the completed insert free. Robotic transfer of the part through all of these steps provides for seamless production of mold inserts in this way, starting with growing them from metal powder.

As it did at the last IMTS, EOS will again host its own educational event at the show. The company’s North America User Day will be held onsite in McCormick Place on Wednesday, September 14. Topics to be addressed in the half-day event include design for additive manufacturing, making the case for AM within an established manufacturing organization and advances in AM technology for industrial production. The event will end with a panel discussion among experts in the use of AM technology.