Peter Zelinski Editor-in-Chief

Peter Zelinski Editor-in-Chief

Peter Zelinski has been a writer and editor for Modern Machine Shop since 1997. His monthly column, “The Z Axis,” has been part of the magazine since 2000, and he became editor-in-chief in 2016 — only the sixth person to fill that role since the magazine’s debut in 1928. One of the aspects of Pete’s work he enjoys the most is visiting machining facilities to learn about the manufacturing technology, systems and strategies they have adopted, and the successes they’ve realized as a result. Pete is also an authority on the advance of 3D printing into industrial production, and in 2012 he helped to launch Additive Manufacturing magazine. Serving as the editor-in-chief of this publication as well, he regularly speaks at the Additive Manufacturing Conference and he is the co-host of an award-winning video series on additive manufacturing, The Cool Parts Show. Pete earned his degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Cincinnati, and he first learned about machining by running and programming machine tools in a metalworking laboratory within what is now GE Aviation.


3D Printing and Coronavirus Check-In - Week of 3/30/2020

In this week's discussion, editors Peter Zelinski and Stephanie Hendrixson discuss face shield visors and masks; ventilator components; and new movement from the FDA on 3D printed devices. 


Additive Manufacturing and Measurement Interconnect — Each Enables the Other to Advance

Measurement aids AM and AM aids measurement. Recently posted articles describe how sensing and measurement make AM more capable, while AM delivers devices that are smarter because of sensing.


Training Center Leader Says AM Affects Many Competency Areas

Established knowledge and skill areas ranging from engineering design through postprocess testing and inspection and even supply chain management all need to be rethought with additive in mind.


Slideshow: Inside the New Honeywell AM Facility for Reactive Metals

Seven machines currently committed to aluminum expand the company’s capacity to 3D print both tooling and parts. One of the photos illustrates a safety measure addressing reactive metals.

Design for Additive

Lightweight Motorcycle Made Through AM to Be Seen at IMTS

Additive manufacturing allowed electric bike’s frame to be optimized for minimal mass and material.


At IMTS, Methods 3D to Place AM in the Midst of Machine Tools

Machining demos will show additive parts postprocessed on CNC machines, and a high-speed 3D printing system will show fully automated production. “This is a manufacturing technology,” says company COO.


EOS in Two IMTS Pavilions with AM Advances

Applications include multi-part production and an automated system for mold tooling. The company’s North American User Day also returns to IMTS.


Additive Manufacturing and CNC Machining: Separate Together? Hear the Recorded Webinar

A maker of CNC machine tools and a maker of AM technology come together to describe integrating additive and subtractive into an efficient process for production.


Integrating Additive Without Inhibiting Machining

Can AM be added to a CNC machine tool while keeping the machine’s cutting capabilities fully intact?

Impressions of Rapid 2016

Software and synergy were two of the noticeable themes of the show. More noticeable still was the emphasis on industrial production.

Hybrid Manufacturing

Hybrid Machine Tools Won’t Need CNC Advances, Siemens Says

Today’s CNC is ready for these machines. Standard control technology is sufficient to oversee additive and subtractive together.


AM System Using TIG Welding and Robot Relies on Flexible Enclosure for Gas Protection

The WAAM system has demonstrated the ability to produce a titanium aircraft part, but titanium in particular requires protection against oxidation.