Sodick's OPM250L Supports Simultaneous 3D Printing of Multiple Parts

Rapid 2018: Parallel mode technology enables the OPM250L metal 3D printer to sinter multiple parts at once with a single laser. 
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Sodick exhibits its OPM250 metal 3D printer, a hybrid system that combines direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) with subtractive machining.

This system includes parallel mode technology, which enables simultaneous printing of multiple parts with only a single laser unit for increased productivity. The system also offers interference correction, which detects interference between the recoater and the part, intervening to machine the part back down to a known acceptable level before resuming the print. Interference correction greatly reduces the instance of build failure, saving users the headaches of scrapped parts.

The system features full high-speed milling capabilities and is capable of accurately machining part details in one setup. Achieving a surface finish of 9 root mean square  (RMS) or better, it is said to be effective in the precision tools and dies industry with high-quality polish.