Siemens PLM Software Adds Lattice Capabilities

Convergent modeling enables companies to quickly deliver lighter, stronger products to market.


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As companies look to reduce component weight and improve resource usage without compromising strength and structural integrity, many are incorporating lattice structures into design. The latest version of Siemens PLM’s NX software offers approaches to design for additive manufacturing, including the ability to add lattices. Convergent modeling enables users to work directly with faceted geometry such as lattice structures. This saves companies from the data conversion process, so they can deliver lighter, stronger products to market faster.

“The fact that the faceted geometry now comes in as a convergent body and behaves pretty much as a sheet or solid body is very beneficial. It will make our workflow much more efficient and save time that we can spend on other things, such as more projects,” says Jonas Brochman, engineering method specialist of manufacturing engineering at GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, Sweden. “The ability to associatively compensate and reposition the faceted scan data of hardware in an associative and controlled way will greatly help us to increase efficiency and resulting quality.”