BISTel Offers Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance (HMP) Solution

The system helps to prevent downtime with real-time monitoring of equipment health.


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BISTel, a provider of adaptive intelligence (AI) solutions for manufacturing, has announced a  equipment health monitoring and predictive maintenance (HMP) solution for real-time fault detection, classification and predictive analytics for equipment.

Using A.I.-based machine learning technologies, the HMP system can alert users when equipment might fail or will require servicing, as well as informing users of its remaining useful life (RUL). This early warning system is expected to significantly reduce downtime and servicing costs while improving overall productivity. The system is compatible with equipment used in the automotive, semiconductor, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and other industries.

“We are excited at the launch of the new HMP solution for smarter manufacturing,” notes W.K. Choi, founder and CEO of BISTel. “HMP’s ability to detect, analyze and predict real-time will enable our manufacturing customers to accurately know the health of their machines at any point, know the remaining useful life of the machine and when to conduct maintenance. We believe HMP is a winning solution because it boosts productivity and substantially achieves operational efficiencies across the factory.”