AMES from 3YourMind Manages Job Schedules and Prioritization


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3YourMind announces its latest product, Agile Manufacturing Execution System (AMES). This system is designed to manage the scheduling and prioritization of parts of the additive manufacturing (AM) process. Key features include smart part prioritization and agile production scheduling.

Smart part prioritization automatically generates from the incoming orders on the platform. According to the company, keeping all order and part data submitted by the client in a single interface increases the transparency of the process. Also, using the delivery dates and production specifications, the system classifies parts for jobs based on production priority and machine availability. This is said to enable efficiency in resource management and machine utilization and keeps a better hold of delivery deadlines.

In the agile production scheduling, jobs are assigned based on custom workflows that define the specific production steps, postprocessing and quality control requirements of each part. The interface enables easy adjustments to production when new orders need to be added. Based on the planner’s behavior, the software recommends which parts can be scheduled in one job. The system also enables rescheduling for failed production and manage maintenance.