3D Systems Extends SLS Line with ProX SLS 6100

The ProX SLS 6100 platform and three production-grade nylon materials are designed to scale from functional prototyping to low-volume production.


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3D Systems has added the ProX SLS 6100 to its line of selective laser sintering (SLS) production systems. The platform is designed to scale from functional prototyping to low-volume production. The solution is suited for plastic prototyping and production needs of the automotive, durable goods and healthcare industries, as well as aerospace interior cabin parts. It can also deliver larger parts than small-frame systems.

The company has also introduced three production-grade nylon materials to its portfolio of production SLS materials. These materials are also designed to support prototyping through production and address a broad set of industry applications.  DuraForm ProX FR1200 meets flame retardancy thresholds for aerospace interior cabin parts and smoke density and toxicity requirements. Its nonhalogenated formulation has a favorable health profile, and its surface quality and white color make it ideal for postprocessing and painting, according to the company.  DuraForm ProX EX BLK, derived from renewable non-petrochemical resources, can replace CNC/molded ABS and polypropylene to deliver functional production parts with durability, impact strength, and fatigue resistance.  DuraForm ProX AF+ is ideal for production of stiff functional production parts that require heat resistance while under load, as well as parts with smooth surface finish that are suitable to secondary processes such as drilling, polishing, and taping in the automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries.

With automated materials handling through the material quality control system, the SLS system provides continuous automatic sifting and filtering with maintenance-free transportation of material to the printer. An air-cooled laser eliminates the need for a chiller for greater efficiency and lower total cost of operation.