Webinar Explores Cobots for Additive Manufacturing

A free May 9 webinar hosted by Universal Robots addresses the use of collaborative robots (cobots) alongside 3D printing. 


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Collaborative robots (cobots) can automate a wide range of additive manufacturing tasks, delivering a fast ROI and an increase in quality and production while addressing staff retention and high mix/low volume challenges, according to Universal Robots. The company hosts a free webinar in conjunction with Additive Manufacturing on Wednesday, May 9, at 2 p.m. ET. 

The presentation will include a general overview of cobots as well as a deep dive into how they can be used in additive manufacturing, including case studies and video of specific applications. it will also address how to interface collaborative robots with other robots and machinery, the tasks that can be efficiently automated with cobots, and how cobots’ ease of use speeds installation and can improve employees’ work environment. 

The webinar is presented by Brian Dillman and Christopher Savoia. Dillman manages Universal Robots’ sales channels in the Eastern United States, while Savoia support Universal Robots’ deployment and implementation in the Northeast United States and Canada. 

Register for the webinar here (or visit this link to download the recording after the event).