12/18/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Premium Aerotec Acquires APWorks, Aims to Profit in 3D-Printing Market

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Premium Aerotec acquires 3D-printing specialist APWorks to combine industry and market knowledge and further profit from the 3D-printing market and AM growth.


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Premium Aerotec has acquired APWorks, creating an alliance that both companies aim to profit from in the 3D-printing market.

The combination of Premium Aerotec’s capability throughout the additive manufacturing (AM) process chain with APWorks’ industry links and qualitative solution-finding within the AM value-added chain, is said to open up opportunities in the industry as well as for clients.

“With our experience as a pioneer in metal 3D printing and our knowledge of the tried and trusted quality standards in aerospace, we are the industrial reference point for APWorks’ innovative ideas,” says Dr. Thomas Ehm, chairman of the executive board at Premium Aerotec.

APWorks’ objective is to support its clients in advancing in AM-related areas. It produces components as prototypes and in mass using its own machinery. The company uses this capability to serve a clientele from a wide variety of industry sectors and simultaneously uses it to pave the way for their industrial production of components manufactured via additive manufacturing.

The partnership of the two companies gives clients access to 11 production units, which use a variety of materials, and the entire value-added chain of component reconditioning. With Premium Aerotec as the sole shareholder, APWorks remains an independent company with its own market presence, helping its clients to identify which components are suitable for 3D printing, to optimize them and to produce them as quickly as possible. APWorks can focus on its other core areas throughout this alliance, including prototyping, development and distribution of patented materials, and the development of qualified mass production applications.

“We can take a huge step closer to our vision of industrial mass production using additive manufacturing technology,” adds Joachim Zettler, managing director of APWorks. “The aim is to combine APWorks’ approach in solving the issues posed by our clients’ additive manufacturing questions with Premium Aerotec’s decades of production experience to elicit maximum benefit for our clients from each and every industry, throughout the entire additive manufacturing value-added chain.”


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