Cumberland Additive Expands Operations to Neighborhood 91 Campus

Neighborhood 91 is the first development to both condense and connect all components of the AM/3D printing supply chain into one powerful production ecosystem.
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3D Printed Tooling Supports Prototype Foam Seating

Automotive manufacturers and other OEMs require mold tooling to build foam components like seat cushions. 3D printed tools could be a faster, more affordable way to prototype and produce these parts.
#sand #prototyping


Sand 3D Printing Benefits Lightweighting and EV Production

Brooks Crownhill Limited has used Voxeljet’s sand 3D printers to rapidly prototype automobile part molds, with the increased design flexibility enabling lightweighting while strengthening individual components.
#sand #lightweighting #casting


3D Printed Battery Electrodes Could Drive Electric Vehicles Forward

Precise control of battery electrode architecture through photopolymerization opens the door to new cell geometries and lighter battery packs for EVs and more, Photocentric says.
#polymer #sustainability

On Automotive

On The Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2022 Nissan Pathfinder, and More

An inside look at the Detroit Assembly Complex-Mack; a innovative approach to waste-free, two-tone painting; why a forging press is like an F1 car; and other automotive developments.

On Automotive: Signs of the Times

A close look at Toyota in a period of industry-wide transformation, what will drive on the Moon, calculate your carbon footprint, a look at the Ford Maverick and more

on Volvo, VW, McLaren, Lambo, Buick, and more

Volvo wants to become a green vehicle manufacturer. . .VW brings a new compact SUV the Taos. . .McLaren does clever things with air. . .Lambo Countach design. . .under the VW Caddy. . .the new Buick Envision. . . .

On Electric Pickups, Flying Taxis, and Auto Industry Transformation

Ford goes for vertical integration, DENSO and Honeywell take to the skies, how suppliers feel about their customers, how vehicle customers feel about shopping, and insights from a software exec


Farsoon's 403P System Lowers Mann+Hummel's Prototyping Costs

Farsoon’s 403P AM system enabled Mann+Hummel to solve cycle and cost challenges stemming from recent evolutions in the Chinese automobile industry.
#polymer #prototyping


3D Printing Allows Special Version of Aston Martin Vanquish

The man who designed the sportscar is making a special limited-edition reimagining of it. 3D printing is playing a role.


Rusal America joins Neighborhood 91 AM Campus at Pittsburgh Airport

Neighborhood 91 is the first development in the world to both condense and connect all components of the additive manufacturing and 3D printing supply chain into one powerful production ecosystem.
#supplychain #enterprise #metal


Metal Additive Manufacturing on the Track

Additive manufacturing and topology optimization are helping teams produce stronger, lighter parts that meet the demands of off-road racing vehicles.
#lightweighting #metal #topologyoptimization


ExOne, Ford Motor Co. Develop Aluminum Binding Jetting Process

This aluminum engine block model, 3D printed in 6061, demonstrates the high resolution and geometric control that can be produced in a new binder jet 3D printing and sintering process developed by Ford and ExOne.


Cadillac Blackwing Models Are First GM Cars Using Additive Manufacturing for Full-Scale Production

Three functional components are 3D printed thanks to cost savings and design freedom. Layers lines on the shift knob signify this advance.


Lighter, Better-Performing Brake Rotor From 3D Printing: The Cool Parts Show #27

Additive manufacturing with an aluminum/ceramic composite enables a brake rotor with one-third the weight and five times the heat transfer of a typical rotor. We talk to the inventor on this episode of The Cool Parts Show.
#lightweighting #ceramic #video


Porsche Advances Electrification with Generative Design

The sports car manufacturer achieves weight savings and assembly consolidation using additive manufacturing instead of casting for an electric drive housing.
#assemblyconsolidation #lightweighting #generativedesign


GM Opens Additive Industrialization Center Dedicated to 3D Printing

3D printing will help transform GM operations in product development, motorsports and manufacturing.
#metal #polymer #prototyping


Cadillac Utilizes 3D Printing to Bring Back Manual Transmission

New Cadillac V-Series Blackwing models will be first GM production vehicles with functional 3D-printed parts, including two HVAC ducts and an electrical harness bracket.
#metal #brackets


GM Adds Some Vroom to 3D Printing

Cadillac sports sedans to use additive manufacturing for functional and appearance parts


Nikola and Additive Manufacturing

Nikola uses additive for fixtures and checking components

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