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Stephanie Hendrixson, The Cool Parts Show, nasopharyngeal swabs

How Test Swabs Became 3D Printing's Production Win: The Cool Parts Show Special Episode
Nasopharyngeal swabs for COVID-19 testing are one of the best production cases for 3D printing we've seen, pandemic or otherwise. Why AM is winning on speed, functionality and collaboration. 

Consortium Aims to Print COVID-19 Test Swabs at Rate of Millions Per Week
Nasopharyngeal swabs are now available for order and immediate fulfillment through members of this consortium, including: Carbon, Formlabs, Envisiontec and Origin.

Senior Scientist Steve Kranz at Origin

The Promise of Full Polymerization in Resin 3D Printing
Origin’s platform isn’t just another resin 3D printer based on digital light processing (DLP). Through hardware, software and material partnerships, the company is changing what is possible inside a photopolymerization printer.

Production 3D Printing With Roots in Materials Development: The Origin Story
Production-oriented polymer AM machine uses the same platform with the same range of controls originally conceived for material development.

Henkel Meets Safety Standards with Photoreactive 3D Printing Material
As the result of a partnership between Henkel and Origin, Henkel has developed an entirely new 3D printable photopolymer material with fire, smoke and toxicity resistance properties for use with Origin One printers.

BASF, Origin Collaborate with Footwear Manufacturer ECCO
BASF 3D Printing Solutions, along with Origin and ECCO collaborate to establish additive manufacturing as a suitable solution for mass production.

Henkel and Origin’s collaborative 3D-printed parts.

Henkel, Origin Collaborate on Open Materials Platform
Henkel and Origin have partnered on Origin’s open materials platform to promote final parts production and the adoption of 3D printing technology.

Origin Introduces Open Additive Production Platform
Origin announces funding and strategic partnership with BASF to reshape additive manufacturing.