XJet Unveils Ceramic Material for NanoParticle Jetting (NJP)

XJet has unveiled alumina, a new ceramic material for NanoParticle Jetting (NJP) additive manufacturing.


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XJet has unveiled alumina, a new ceramic material compatible with the company’s NanoParticle Jetting (NPJ) additive manufacturing systems.

Alumina has a high mechanical strength, high compressive strength, high hardness and good electrical insulation. The ceramic material differs from zirconia, another NPJ material, in that it has lower wear resistance, making it simple to machine and refine both before and after firing.

Overhangs and cavities are supported throughout the NPJ build process by a soluble support material, created to fit the stainless steel material. Fine detail and complex geometries can be created with no concern that they will be harmed in the bath support-removal process.