Farsoon FS121M Offers Multiple Spot Diameters for Metal Sintering



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The Farsoon FS121M, an accessible small-frame metal laser sintering system, enables the operator to select between multiple spot sizes and recoating blades. Its reduced need for ancillary equipment enables it to match customer workspace and material and application requirements, the company says.

The FS121M features a 200W Yb-fiber laser and a digital scanning system. These features enable the creation of detailed, complex parts. The metal 3D printer incorporates safety systems with inert gas supply and protective filter systems into the sintering machine.

The machine has a scanning speed of 15.2 m/sec., spot diameter capabilities ranging from 40 to 100 microns, a heat-resistant silicon rubber blade, a uni-directional powder feed system with single feed cylinder, and a gas advection dust recovery system.