Faro's Design ScanArm Scans 600,000 Points Per Second

Rapid 2018: Faro’s Design ScanArm 2.0 includes features that increase efficiency and accuracy.
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Faro introduces the Design ScanArm 2.0, designed to address the challenges and requirements of product design and engineering professionals. 

The scanner delivers as much as 25 percent improved system accuracy compared to the previous generation, according to the company. A FaroBlu Laser Line Probe HD with blue laser technology is said to scan as many as 600,000 points per second for enhanced productivity.

The scanner is available in three maneuverable arm lengths (2.5, 3.5 and 4 m). Dual, hot swappable batteries that enable continuous operation without external power are also available, so users can bring the scanner to the project rather than bringing the project to the scanner.

Enhanced ergonomics and a 25 percent overall weight reduction reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity by facilitating continuous use over extended periods.

A kinematic, intelligent probe system for contact measurement also enhances efficiency. A tool-less quick release for fast connecting and disconnecting enables users to change from contact to non-contact projects without switching or recalibrating probes.