Edro Introduces Bӧhler AMPO Metal Powders

Rapid 2019: Edro offers Bӧhler AMPO's standard program of six powder types for metal additive manufacturing.
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Edro Specialty Steels introduces Bӧhler AMPO, a new line of additive manufacturing (AM) powders. Every powder produced by Bӧhler goes through vacuum induction melting and atomization under inert gas. The AMPO powders are tested in-house before distribution to ensure quality. Product parameters are validated for process control and product certification according to test standards and customer specifications.

Edro Specialty Steels currently distributes Bӧhler AMPO’s standard program of six powder types. Depending on the requirements of the additive manufacturing process used, Edro can provide the appropriate particle fraction in a range from 15 to 150 microns.

Edro Specialty Steel’s in-house metallurgist team and Bӧhler Edelstahl's additive manufacturing department work to find the right powder for the user’s application. In addition to Bӧhler AMPO materials, Edro offers design, engineering and simulation consultations. The combination of these services enables the company to provide customers with a complete additive manufacturing solution.


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