Arkema Furthers Involvement in Materials Market

Arkema’s involvement in the materials markets expands as the company puts out new materials in the range of its 3D printing solutions platform.


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Arkema has announced the release of three new materials developed with the company’s 3D printing solutions platform in mind. The materials include: high-temperature-resistant resin N3D T-1105, low-viscosity casting resin N3D C-1115, and impact modifier resin PRO22362. Expanding the range of advanced materials for major additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, Arkema’s N3xtDimension liquid resins are said to be solutions for UV curable 3D printing with engineered resins and custom liquid resin systems.

Arkema has also developed SLS Pebax powder, a partially bio-based thermoplastic elastomer for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) that is said to provide a combination of polyamide strength, flexibility and elasticity of polyethers/polyesters. The company is also supplementing its range of advanced polymers for filament extrusion printing technologies with MMA resin-based filaments said to offer UV resistant and high optimal performance and mechanical properties.