ALM’s Polypropylene Powder Offers Higher Elongation at Break

PP 400 polypropylene powder for selective laser sintering provides better impact resistance for use in dynamic environments.


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ALM’s PP 400 polypropylene powder provides better impact resistance.

ALM’s PP 400 polypropylene powder provides good impact resistance.

Advanced Laser Materials’ (ALM) PP 400 polypropylene powder is designed for use in selective laser sintering, offering great elasticity and toughness as well as high chemical resistance. It also offers high electrical and fatigue resistance.

The company says the powder offers superior mechanical properties in comparison to other options on the market. In particular, the material offers a 50% elongation of break, providing better impact resistance for use in dynamic environments. Also, no additives (such as absorbers) are required for use, enabling the material to retain the pure chemical component of the polymer as well as its performance. The powder also has high recyclability which enables low cost-per-part manufacturing.

Additional benefits include strong chemical resistance against acids, bases, salts and more; enhanced processing stability; and excellent performance in objects requiring living hinges. It is well-suited for fluid systems, tanks and containers, piping, interior components on automobiles and anything that comes in contact with corrosive fluids.

PP 400 is available for third-party industrial 3D printers and will soon be available for EOS machines as well. It was developed in partnership with Braskem, a leading producer of polyolefins biopolymers. This is the first commercial product launched under that partnership which began in 2018.