Webinar Highlights Simulation for Hybrid Manufacturing

A May 15 webinar hosted by CGTech tackles verifying NC code for hybrid machine tools. 

Hybrid machine tools enable manufacturers to run complex additive and subtractive operations in the same job. With this complexity comes the possibility of potential machine crashes and errors. Software with additive simulation capabilities can allow companies to tackle these challenges by simulating laser cladding and material deposition; detecting collisions between the machine and additive part; and finding errors, voids and misplaced material.

In a free webinar taking place May 15, 2018, at 2 p.m. ET, CGTech will share insight to help attendees solve additive manufacturing challenges through simulation. The program is presented by Gene Granata, Vericut product manager for CGTech. 

Register for the webinar here (or visit this link to download the recording after the event).