12/18/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Matsuura Machinery USA Completes Lumex Laboratory

The laboratory will serve as a research and demonstration facility to support sales and service of the company’s Lumex Avance series.


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Matsuura Machinery USA’s Lumex laboratory and demonstration facility in its corporate headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, is complete and has begun installing Matsuura Lumex Avance machines. The facility joins the three other Lumex Centers of Excellence locations in Japan, Germany and the UK.

With this facility, the company now offers sales and technical support for its Avance hybrid machine series in North America.

The Avance-25 combines powder-bed metal selective laser sintering (SLS) along with high-peed milling (HSM) in a hybrid platform. This combination of technology platforms enables the production of parts and component geometries in a novel way, including complex molds.

The machine is capable of processing parts as large as 256 × 256 × 185 mm with an option to accommodate parts as large as 256 × 256 × 300 mm. It is well-suited for applications in the high-value, high-accuracy mold and die market, offering the ability to fabricate dies and molds with very complex geometries in one piece with high accuracy, shorten lead time and reduce manufacturing costs.

3D cooling channels can be incorporated into molds in the single setup, thereby increasing cooling efficiency and enabling high-cycle injection molding with high quality and precision, reducing costs, and improving efficiency. It enables differentiated original parts production with internal structures, thus far considered impossible. It is capable of quick-turn production of custom parts, including prototypes and small production run parts.

The larger Avance-60 can process parts ranging to 600 × 600 × 500 mm. It is also outfitted with a high-power 1-kW fiber laser that significantly reduces sintering time. It provides an increased speed of powder distribution to the tabletop surface along with a fully integrated automatic powder supply, collection and recycle system. Metal powder materials are distributed automatically into the sintering chamber without operator contact, eliminating powder dispersion in the work area and preserving a safe environment. Unused powder is automatically collected, sieved and recycled.