Linear AMS Founder Retakes Control

Less than two years after the company’s acquisition by Moog, its founder has retaken majority ownership.


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The Ann Arbor News reports that the founder of Linear AMS is retaking control of the Livonia, Michigan, company. According to a story posted earlier this month, John Tenbusch is again the majority owner of the company, less than two years after its acquisition by Moog Inc. Founded in 2003, the business was previously known as Linear Mold & Engineering.

Tenbusch and Lou Young, director of tooling and manufacturing, repurchased Linear AMS in a deal that closed July 19, 2017. Tenbusch now has 80 percent control, while Young has 20 percent as minority partner. The owners plan to keep using the abbreviated company name.

Young stated that the company will maintain around 70 employees. Its new focus will be the injection mold business, along with improving tooling capabilities.