ParaMatters' CogniCAD 2.1 Generates Smooth, Watertight Design Models


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ParaMatters’ CogniCAD 2.1 automatically generates ready-to-print, high-performance, lightweighted structures for aerospace, automotive and other mission-critical applications. CogniCAD is a generative design program that employs a cloud-based, cognitive design and high-performance computational platform. The program works by importing CAD files into the platform and then defining loading and design criteria. Users can obtain generative designs verified by built-in Finite-Element Analysis, ready for 3D printing in both STL and STEP formats.

CogniCAD 2.1 offers a variety of loading conditions, including thermal loads, as a beta release and force/moments through remote points, in addition to existing acceleration (g-forces) and pressure. The software also enables design for additive manufacturing (AM) and investment casting as a beta release. The program’s functional design capabilities include stress, compliance (stiffness) and deformation constraints.

The platform is said to take an optimal design and find its ideal model orientation for AM by minimizing unsupported areas or support volume, while highlighting areas that require reinforcement. CogniCAD 2.1 introduces calculation speedup and allows users to select the desired combination between resolution and speed of calculations. According to the company, there is an enhanced design cabinet view, and any glitches in the system have been smoothed out. The designs, generated as a one-click solution, are smooth and watertight STL models ready for AM, and STEP models compliant with any CAD system.