Elcan Industries Hi-Sifter Reclaims Dense Metal Powders

Designed specifically to handle dense metal powders, the system is capable of making fine separations to remove oversize splatter and maximize yield. 


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The Hi-Sifter Powder Reclaiming System from Elcan Industries is designed specifically for dense metal powders used in the 3D printing process. According to the company, the system employs a high-energy approach to make fine separations, and is able to screen material to 10 microns at higher rates. The Hi-Sifter is said to efficiently remove oversize splatter while maximizing potential yields, without the need for ultrasonic deblending systems. 

The system is constructed from polished stainless steel, making it suitable for aerospace and biomedical applications. It is available with explosion-proof and inert gas capabilities for users of titanium and aluminum powders.