12/12/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

CECIMO and EWF Join Forces for AM in Europe

The two organizations will work together to provide support for additive manufacturing in Europe.


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To meet the need for education and policy support for the increasingly complex realm of additive manufacturing (AM), EWF and CECIMO have joined efforts to encourage European adoption of AM as it comes of age.  

Moving forward, the two organizations will work together to support European industry through this change by finding mutually relevant opportunities and exchanging information on activities such as qualification and advocacy in additive manufacturing or on AM-specific EU project proposals. Additionally, they will create joint-working groups that will develop relevant activities on areas of mutual interest.

CECIMO conveys the concerns of additive manufacturers to EU authorities, representing key companies in the AM ecosystem to promote the adoption of additive technologies in Europe. This includes initiatives such as developing specific AM standards within the remit of EU regulations, advising the European institutions on the AM priority research areas for the next EU budgetary program, and producing curricula to boost AM in education.

EWF manages a system for qualification and certification of personnel working in the welding sector, as well as certification of companies. As such, it is currently developing the qualifications required for the next batch of professionals entering the workforce while at the same time providing the basis for getting today’s workers ready for the challenges posed by new technologies, such as additive manufacturing.

The long-term goal of this partnership is to ensure that business and industrial advances are matched, not hindered, by the qualifications of professionals to operate them, as well as by supporting regulatory and policy conditions, the partners say.