DMG MORI SLM Machine Offers Focal Diameter of 35 Microns

Originally titled 'SLM Machine Offers Focal Diameter of 35 Microns'

Rapid 2019: The Lasertec 12 SLM is said to offer improved accuracy for powder-bed fusion.


The Lasertec 12 selective laser melting (SLM) metal 3D printing sytem from DMG MORI offers a focal diameter of just 35 microns. According to the company, it is four times more accurate than the current industrial standard.

The build volume of the powder-bed machine stands at 4.92" × 4.92" × 7.87". The user-friendly Stealth design and rePlug powder module of Lasertec 30 SLM 2nd Generation enable a material change in less than two hours and are said to guarantee high levels of both process autonomy and industrial safety.