Using Simulation Software to Design and Prove-Out Additive Manufacturing Processes

August 20, 2019 |

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is redefining what’s producible in the manufacturing of parts. Manufacturers can create parts with multiple metal alloys and different material characteristics, or parts can have a completely different shape than when created with traditional processes. AM software can help solve many challenges faced by Manufacturing Engineers including producibility of designs, machine purchasing decisions and verification of NC programs. Additive simulation can help determine when additive strategies are likely to fail or when it may be beneficial to make a milling cut, and allow engineers to test that the machine has the capabilities needed to create parts as designed. 

Primary Topics: 

  • Discover how simulation software can help designers create parts for Additive Manufacturing processes
  • Use Additive Manufacturing simulation software to validate that parts are producible
  • Before purchasing an additive machine, simulation software can be used to test its capabilities 

Gene Granata 
VERICUT Product Manager 
Mr. Granata, VERICUT Product Manager, has been with CGTech since 1992. With more than 30 years of CNC manufacturing experience, Mr. Granata is responsible for planning development of CGTech’s flagship software product VERICUT, and associated CAD/CAM and Tooling interfaces. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in NC Manufacturing Technology from Northern Illinois University in 1983, he worked at Bendix Aerospace, Northrop Aircraft and McDonnell Douglas. Prior to his current role he was the Technical Support Manager, and has written technical documentation, designed many training courses, and provided manufacturing consulting services to hundreds of companies in virtually every industry.