Scanning Enables Internal Inspection of 3D-Printed Parts

Jesse Garant Metrology Center’s scanning service offers clean separation of internal components and the ability to inspect high-density materials.


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Jesse Garant Metrology Center has launched a high-energy industrial CT scanning service, offering clean separation of internal components for complex parts and the ability to inspect high-density materials.

The system pairs a 3 MeV cone-beam X-ray source with a large-format 2k × 2k flat-panel digital detector. It accommodates rapid inspection of mid-size parts, up to 44.5 inches in diameter by 63 inches in height and will reduce inspection time, scanning parts that normally take up to 16 hours in less than an hour, the company says

The technology enables internal inspection and validation of 3D-printed parts made from ferrous and nonferrous materials. It also provides analyses including identification of defects like porosity and residual powders, first article inspection, wall thickness variations, and actual to nominal comparisons.

The endeavor took three years of planning, design, development and construction to reach full operation. The new system required sourcing from local and international manufacturers, vendors and specialists, including the construction of the largest 1 × 1-m flat-panel digital detector in the world.



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