A Troubleshooting Guide for 3D Printing

All3DP shares a guide that helps users solve 3D printing problems by understanding the underlying causes.


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Fused filament fabrication (FFF) relies on the extrusion of plastic filament to build up parts layer by layer. Though the concept is simple, in operation there are many variables that can affect the outcome of a print. Print parameters such as speed and filament temperature can introduce errors, as can design factors such as material and wall thickness. Even printer maintenance issues can have an effect.

With so many factors at play, finding a solution to a 3D printing problem first demands identifying its possible causes. To help users both define the problem and understand how to correct for it, All3DP has published a troubleshooting guide that covers common 3D printing issues. For each problem, the guide offers a definition, causes and steps for troubleshooting, plus handy photos of sample 3D-printed parts exhibiting these problems for easier diagnosis.

Alastair Jennings, the author of the guide, compiled it based on his own 3D printing experiences, plus additional research and trial and error testing.

“Early on it was purely issues that I had with my own 3D printers and then as the number increased I've sorted out issues through Reddit and other sites,” he says. Jennings worked out the solutions to each of the 3D printing problems by first replicating the issue then correcting it on his own printers.

See the full list on the All3DP website.