Video: Periscope Case Shows 3D Printing for Niche Manufacturing

Manufacturing without mold tooling allows the production quantity to be tailored to the market size.
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One of the ways 3D printing will transform manufacturing is by enabling nicheyness. This video shows one example. Since the Periscope Case is produced through 3D printing, no investment in mold tooling is needed and the production quantity can be scaled to the market size. Learn much more in our article about the case.


Additive will change manufacturing in lots of ways. One of the changes is going to be nichyness. Products can make it to market that never would have been viable before. Here is one we just wrote about: the Periscope case. It lets you use your phone like a GoPro camera, because a periscope mirror changes the angle of the camera. As a result, your phone films along its length; it films while it’s laying flat.

There’s a market for this case, but not a huge one, and in the past a product like this would have needed injection molding. But with 3D printing — and this was done on HP’s multi jet fusion system — with 3D printing, no mold tooling is needed. That changes the economics.