Frustum Announces Commercial Availability of TrueSolid

Originally titled 'Volumetric Kernel Enables Generative Design Alongside CAD'

The 3D volumetric kernel for generative design works alongside traditional CAD to help designers and engineers produce better parts faster.


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Frustum has announced the commercial availability and latest release of its core technology, TrueSolid. Built to help designers and engineers deliver better parts faster with fewer errors and lower costs, TrueSolid is a generative design tool that works alongside traditional CAD to drive 3D manufacturing at pace with the on-demand economy, the company says.

The volumetric geometry kernel enables users to blend indeterminate generative geometry to traditional surface-based CAD with engineering precision. In addition to creating designs with lower weight and less material, this technology enables manual and procedural modeling of complex mechanical parts with built-in manufacturability.

The latest version includes multi-part assembly optimization, new optimization modes and kernel-integrated mesostructures (lattices).