Stephanie Hendrixson


SLM Titanium Expands Options for Hearing Aid Wearers

Titanium plus selective laser melting (SLM) enables hearing aids that perform better for a wider range of individuals.


Checking in with Additive Engineering Solutions

Partnerships continue to be critical to the success of the first commercial user of BAAM technology.


What the Toy Industry Can Teach Us About 3D Printing

Consumer 3D printing faces many of the same challenges as industrial additive manufacturing, and solving them means raising awareness.

Metal AM

3D Printing a Metal Shift Knob for Faster Cooling

Metal 3D printing and design thinking enabled an engineer to create a shift knob designed to cool rapidly inside a hot car.

Polymer AM

Students Develop Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) Worksheet for 3D Printing Success

A team of researchers at Purdue University developed and tested a DFAM worksheet to help novice and intermediate 3D printing users increase build success and minimize reprints.


Accelerating Manufacturing at Rapid 2017

Heading to Pittsburgh next week? Here are some event features to add to your agenda.


Spotlight on Tooling in May Issue

3D-printed tooling—parts for making other parts—is the theme running through this month’s Additive Manufacturing magazine. Also highlighted is the upcoming Rapid trade show and conference.

Polymer AM

Webinar: Choosing Between 3D Printing Processes for Plastic Parts

Learn the strengths of different 3D printing methods in a free webinar taking place May 23.

Design for Additive

How to Think About Design for Additive Manufacturing

It’s not as simple as changing the manufacturing method. True DFAM involves tradeoffs, specialization and even failure.

Polymer AM

A Troubleshooting Guide for 3D Printing

All3DP shares a guide that helps users solve 3D printing problems by understanding the underlying causes.


Aerospace Contractor Brings Custom Tooling In-House with FDM 3D Printing

Adding an FDM 3D printer enabled a producer of subassemblies for aircraft to bypass traditional tooling solutions on many custom tools and bring much of this work in-house.


LPW Technology Case Study Examines Effect of Processing Conditions on Metal Powder

The study focused on four batches of stainless steel used in laser powder-bed fusion.