Does AM Favor Integration?

Arconic, one of the companies launched in the separation of Alcoa, combines operations from metal powder production through postprocessing within a single company. Additive manufacturing perhaps uniquely benefits from bringing this range of capabilities together, since success in AM relies on more than 3D printing.

Testing the Waters with DMLS Faucets

A plumbing products manufacturer is expanding its luxury line with a series of faucets that could only be produced with AM.

What Does It Take to Be Safe?

The number-one thing a company can do to protect its AM investment and not interrupt production is develop a comprehensive safety policy specifically for additive.

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10 Years Producing Hip Implants Through AM

There is already heritage in additive manufacturing. AM is taken seriously today in part because early users such as Lima Corporate have proven it.

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Can Additive Manufacturing Increase Milling Feed Rates?

With PCD tooling, yes it can. The diamond cutting edges demand a large number of flutes to realize their full effectiveness. Traditional methods for making cutter bodies limit the number of flutes, but 3D printing is delivering tools with higher flute density and other enhancements as well.

Taking Shape

Additive Manufacturing Process Using Titanium Alloy Builds More Stable Spinal Implant

A spinal implant additively manufactured from a titanium alloy imitates cancellous bone in porosity and structure.

Educators and Industry Discuss Need for Engineering Education to Adapt to AM

The National Forum on Additive Manufacturing Education and Training recently held at Penn State University yielded these interesting points.

Jabil Moves Toward Production with HP Additive Manufacturing Technology

As the first manufacturer to accept delivery of HP Jet Fusion 3D printers, Jabil has its sights set on additive production at scale.

Laser Cutting Specialist Develops Large-Travel Additive Approach

For SLM of parts that are multiple feet long, this machine’s build chamber travels throughout the machine area to 3D print the solid part one section at a time.

Henkel: Smart Solutions Start with the Right Formula.

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