November 2016


Design for AM: Diesel Engine Support Optimized for Savings and Performance

A diesel engine support, connecting the powertrain and the vehicle chassis, is optimized for weight savings, performance and manufacturing cost reduction as a result of redesigning the part for AM.

October 2016 - Stéphanie Giet, Ph.D.

Highlights from AM2016

At this year’s gathering in Chicago, presenters shared their insights and experience on the industrial application of additive manufacturing technology.

November 2016 - The Editors

From the Editor

7 Important Implications of the New Stratasys Production Demonstrators

One working machine concept expands the build size and speed for FDM. Another performs robotic 3D printing in composite material. Here is what these two concepts suggest about the advance of additive manufacturing into industrial production.

August 2016 - Peter Zelinski, Editor-in-Chief

Check This Out

Eight-Axis Robotic System Prints Composite Parts

This concept machine leverages robotics to 3D print in eight axes.

November 2016 - Peter Zelinski, Editor-in-Chief


Additive Manufactured Components Reach Jupiter

The Juno spacecraft includes titanium waveguide brackets made through AM.

July 2016 - Peter Zelinski, Editor-in-Chief

Co-Extrusion Nozzle Made in One Piece with Selective Laser Melting

Selective laser melting enabled a complex nozzle assembly to be made in one piece, demonstrating speed and cost savings for the low volumes required.

September 2016 - Stephanie Hendrixson, Associate Editor, Modern Machine Shop

Integrating Additive Without Inhibiting Machining

Can AM be added to a CNC machine tool while keeping the machine’s cutting capabilities fully intact?

July 2016 - Peter Zelinski, Editor-in-Chief, Modern Machine Shop

Reducing Disposal Cost for Separator Vacuums

This filtration company addresses an overlooked AM safety and environmental compliance problem.

September 2016 - Christina M. Fuges, Editorial Director

Rize One Seeks to Alleviate 3D Printing Challenges

Using a process called Augmented Polymer Deposition, the 3D printer creates parts with supports that can be removed by hand. But that's only one piece of Rize's strategy.

September 2016 - Stephanie Hendrixson, Associate Editor, Modern Machine Shop

Selective Laser Sintering Cuts Lead Time for Clamping Unit Assembly

Industrial automation provider Comau redesigned a three-part clamping assembly for additive manufacturing, realizing benefits in lead time and waste.

August 2016 - Stephanie Hendrixson, Associate Editor, Modern Machine Shop