Support Structures and Build Layout Lead to Series of Fails — AM: Why the Failure? #4

A 3D printed piston crown illustrates the iterative path to success often part of laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing.
#AMWTF #metal #video


3D Printed Tooling Supports Prototype Foam Seating

Automotive manufacturers and other OEMs require mold tooling to build foam components like seat cushions. 3D printed tools could be a faster, more affordable way to prototype and produce these parts.
#sand #prototyping


Zortrax Printers Simplify Green Heating System Prototyping

By using Zortrax’s M300 Plus 3D printer to print prototypes in-house, ML Systems saved up to two weeks of lead time and up to 90% of prototype fabrication costs.
#polymer #prototyping #sustainability


Lithoz Launches Entry-Level Ceramic 3D Printer

The CeraFab Lab L30 was developed for those new to ceramic 3D printing and is well suited for shop floors, research purposes and small-series production.
#ceramic #prototyping


Farsoon's 403P System Lowers Mann+Hummel's Prototyping Costs

Farsoon’s 403P AM system enabled Mann+Hummel to solve cycle and cost challenges stemming from recent evolutions in the Chinese automobile industry.
#polymer #prototyping


Safran, SLM Solutions Test Technology for Large Airplane Component

In a joint project, Safran Landing Systems and SLM Solutions tested selective laser melting to produce a component of a nose landing gear for a bizjet, marking a world first for a part of this size.
#lightweighting #metal #largeformat


Researchers Developing Scalable Manufacturing for Novel Vaccine Delivery

Hybrid-MNA technology may significantly help reduce vaccine shortages.
#polymer #prototyping


Stratasys Direct, Xometry Partner to Deliver 3D Printed Parts on Demand

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is providing several new high-performance nylon material options to customers of Xometry’s global custom manufacturing marketplace.
#composites #polymer #prototyping


3D Systems Introduces High Speed Fusion 3D Printing System

System said to print three times faster with greater precision than many other standard industrial systems.
#polymer #prototyping


BASF Ultrafuse 316L Stainless Steel Qualified for MakerBot Method 3D Printers

Users can explore printing rigid 316L stainless steel parts for industrial applications alongside advanced engineering polymers and composites on Method with the MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder.
#metal #composites #prototyping


Formlabs’ Fuse 1 Benchtop Industrial SLS Printer Simplifies Workflow

The Fuse 1 features Surface Armor technology, a 70% powder refresh rate and a versatile Nylon 12 powder to deliver an affordable, simplified industrial 3D printing.
#polymer #prototyping


Porsche Advances Electrification with Generative Design

The sports car manufacturer achieves weight savings and assembly consolidation using additive manufacturing instead of casting for an electric drive housing.
#casting #software #assemblyconsolidation


Desktop Metal’s P-1 3D Printer Bridges Development, Production

Full P-1 builds can be printed in less than one hour and process parameters can transfer directly to the P-50 for mass production jobs.
#metal #prototyping


Protolabs to Acquire 3D Hubs

Acquisition significantly expands customer offering with network of premium manufacturing partners for custom parts.
#supplychain #prototyping


Incus Hammer Lab35 Offers Economic Protoyping, Small-Scale Production

Metal 3D printer has potential to increase performance and reduce costs for small and mid-scale production, as well as manufacture parts featuring complex geometries.
#metal #prototyping


GM Opens Additive Industrialization Center Dedicated to 3D Printing

3D printing will help transform GM operations in product development, motorsports and manufacturing.
#metal #polymer #prototyping

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