Video: Programming for Additive Turning of Cylindrical Parts

Directed energy deposition while the part is spinning enables a means of 3D printing axially symmetric parts. The operation is like CNC turning with material added instead of machined. Open Mind discusses programming the machine paths for this type of build.
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A Three-Piece Toolset to Minimize Metal Additive Build Failures (Includes Video)

Three separate software tools from Siemens attempt to control some of the most challenging variables within metal AM: build orientation, distortion and deposition paths. Part of software video series.

Medical & Dental

For AM and Machining to Work Together, Let Them Compete

A medical device maker establishes a center of excellence for product and process development in which additive manufacturing and CNC machining both challenge and complement one another.
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Video: Challenges and Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing

Is additive manufacturing ready for full-scale production? Yes, but it isn't that simple. Our editors break down the issues to consider in this video conversation.
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Infographic: How Additive Manufacturing Supports the Circular Economy

This downloadable infographic illustrates how 3D printing can be applied for more sustainable manufacturing through every stage: Material, Design, Manufacturing, Product and End-of-Life. 

Coming December 8: The Cool Parts Show Live

Join us December through February for monthly special installments of The Cool Parts Show live inside IMTS spark. 

3D Printed Animal Enrichment Device: The Cool Parts Show Bonus Episode

The Cool Parts Show goes to the zoo to learn about a 3D printed enrichment device being used to challenge and engage meerkats, birds, foxes and more in this bonus episode. 
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3D Printed Prefab Homes, Made from Composite and UL-Certified

Mighty Buildings wants to change the construction industry with prefabricated houses 3D printed on demand from thermoset polymer composite. Two such buildings have already been installed.
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What Is Additive Manufacturing?

It is the broadest category of manufacturing we have. It is more than 3D printing. It is the beginning of a transformation. If you are new to AM, here is where to start.


What Do These Flip Flops Say About Manufacturing's Future?: The Cool Parts Show S3E5

These 3D printed flip-flops are an example of mass customization, but they also hint at manufacturing's more sustainable, circular future. Find out why in this episode of The Cool Parts Show. 
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