Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Error Turns Nozzle Into Chess Piece — AM: Why the Failure? Episode 3

Chess pieces are often 3D printed as demo parts, but this one was an accident! What happened? The answer involves heat transfer.
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Hi-Fi 3D Printed Speaker Cabinet: The Cool Parts Show #29

The Hylixa high-fidelity speaker has an internal geometry and footprint designed for optimal sound that could only be realized through 3D printing. How Node Audio developed and produces this product.
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Reusable, 3D Printed Copper Filter: The Cool Parts Show #28

In this episode of The Cool Parts Show, we learn how controlled porosity obtained through binder jetting can be applied to build metal filters capable of trapping — and even eliminating — virus particles.
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Metal 3D Printed Part Has Unplanned Feature, Not Part of the Design — AM: Why the Failure? #2

This component for the oil and gas industry features a shelf through the lattice structure that does not appear in the CAD model. How did it get there? The answer does not involve STL, but we talk about that anyway.
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Lighter, Better-Performing Brake Rotor From 3D Printing: The Cool Parts Show #27

Additive manufacturing with an aluminum/ceramic composite enables a brake rotor with one-third the weight and five times the heat transfer of a typical rotor. We talk to the inventor on this episode of The Cool Parts Show.
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Enter Your 3D Printed Parts in The Cool Parts Showcase

The first-ever contest from The Cool Parts Show seeks innovative parts made through additive manufacturing. Enter by August 13. 
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3D Printed Air Duct Based on Fluid Dynamics: The Cool Parts Show #26

Air ducts are ubiquitous, but are they all as efficient as they need to be? Computational fluid dynamics informed the redesign of this 3D printed air duct — made to serve a 3D printer. 
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Video: Why the Failure? First Episode of Our New Series About Process Challenges in AM

Professor of additive manufacturing Tim Simpson joins me to talk about 3D printing fails and what they teach. Follow #AMWTF on LinkedIn, where we will debut each new failed build ahead of every episode.
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Medical & Dental

3D Printed Scapula Customized for Patient: The Cool Parts Show #25

A patient treated for a tumor of the shoulder blade was able to preserve full use of the arm thanks to an implant tailored to the precise form of the original scapula and made through electron beam melting.
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Is a Gel Bath the Key to Scalable, Affordable 3D Printed Ceramics?

3D printed polymer-derived ceramics (PDCs) could find wider application through a process developed at the University of Texas at Dallas that extrudes preceramic material in a self-healing bath for support through printing and curing.