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As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

Casting Goes Digital with Sand 3D Printing, Nondestructive Testing
Tooling & Equipment International (TEI) used to make tooling for castings. Now, it casts prototype parts in a digital workflow using 3D printed sand molds in combination with simulation software, CT scanning and X-ray technology.

Volume Graphics

Volume Graphics’ VGStudio Max Software Provides 3D Printing Inspection
Formnext 2019: Software product, VGStudio Max, from Volume Graphics, gives instructive results and insights to provide efficient workflows.

Volume Graphics Partners with Consortium to Advance Rapid Tooling
Volume Graphics announced its involvement with the Kunststoff-Institut in a second joint project on “Rapid Tooling” with companies from a wide range of industries.

CT scan of a lattice, filled with Volume Graphics software

CT Scanning Reveals What Isn’t There in 3D Printed Parts
3D Engineering Solutions offers CT scanning as a powerful nondestructive testing (NDT) solution for inspection. For 3D printed parts, sometimes revealing the space inside can be just as valuable as mapping what was printed. 

Volume Graphics' Version 3.3 Enables High-Quality Volume Meshing
Volume Graphics’ version 3.3 of VGStudio Max, VGStudio, VGMetrology and VGinLine for industrial computed tomography (CT) is said to cover all requirements related to metrology, defect detection and assessment, material properties, and simulation.