Tool-Flo Manufacturing

14745 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX 77047 US


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Company Profile

Tool-Flo Manufacturing, Inc., located in Houston, Texas, USA; began operation in January 1978 and has grown into a 25,000 square foot complex operating 3 shifts.

You Will Never Have To Buy Another Ballnose End Mill Holder Again!

Tool-Flo's patented "Rigid Lock" ballnose endmill system ensures a secure fit of the insert with absolutely no movement.

Product Categories of Tool-Flo Manufacturing

Boring Tools
Boring Tools & Heads for Machining Centers
Boring Tools for Turning Machines
Burnishing Tools (Roller)
Chamfering Tools
Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
EDM, Wire Type
End Mills
Facing Tools/Heads
Form Tools
Grinding Machines, Thread
Grooving Tools
Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
Milling Cutters
Plastic Molding & Forming
Protective Sleeves & Coatings (for Cutting Tools)
Stainless Steels
Thread Chasers
Thread Milling Cutters
Thread Whirling Tools
Threading Tools
Threading Tools - Cutting
Threading Tools - Forming
Titanium Alloys
Tooling Materials, Carbides