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As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

Roboze Heat Treatment Line Covers Complete 3D Printing Process
Formnext 2019: Roboze’s new Heat Treatment Process line is said to be capable of covering all the necessary phases for the production of functional prototypes and finished components with composite materials and high temperature super polymers.

Formnext 2019

Formnext 2019 Emphasizes Complete Additive Manufacturing Process Chain — Well Beyond 3D Printing
The biggest AM event gets bigger. The sophistication of attendees advances. Materials, digital tools and postprocessing are prominent. Here are 10 impressions of this year’s show.

Roboze 3D-printed hook lifting 370 pounds

Video: 3D-Printed Composite Hooks Lifts Hundreds of Pounds
AM challenges expectations about which applications and part types call for metal and which are appropriate for polymer.

Product Categories of Roboze

Additive Manufacturing Machines for Polymer Parts
Additive Manufacturing Machines—Material Extrusion
Material for Additive Manufacturing - Polymer