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As Seen In Additive Manufacturing

Topology Optimization Delivers Nonintuitive Design Features for Legacy Part (Includes Video)
Refurbishing a legacy turbine engine for energy efficiency provided the opportunity to demonstrate topology optimization in concert with metal 3D printing. The design for this torque arm comes from computer simulation insight refined with a human touch.

Video: 3 Roles for Simulation in Additive Manufacturing
This conversation with PADT’s Eric Miller explores how simulation and 3D printing work together at three distinct stages in additive manufacturing, for DFAM and beyond.  

Video: Topology Optimization versus Generative Design
Why do these strategies matter in design for additive manufacturing (DFAM), and what’s the difference? A conversation with PADT’s Eric Miller explores AM and design, including its human element.

PADT Joins ASU's Postprocessing Advancement Project
$800,000 in matching funds have been awarded to ASU, PADT and other partners for the advancement of 3D printing postprocessing techniques.

Metal 3D-printed aerospace fuel nozzle

5 Ways to Use AM in a Turning Shop
Additive manufacturing systems are not replacing lathes, but the two processes can work together and complement one another.

3D-printed part with supports removed

PADT Patents Apparatus for Removing 3D Printing Support Materials
The Support Cleaning Apparatus (SCA) removes support structures from parts 3D-printed using Soluble Support Technology (SST) material.

biomimicry and additive manufacturing

PADT, ASU Receive Grant for Advanced Research in 3D Printing
Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies (PADT) and Arizona State University have received a $127,000 Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant from NASA.

NASA Orion deep-space spacecraft

Orion Gets a Lift from Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD) Material
NASA’s Orion spacecraft will include parts 3D-printed from electro-static dissipative Antero 800NA from Stratasys. Developing this material was an exercise in working within constraints.

PADT Carbon 3D printers

PADT Launches On-Demand Manufacturing with Carbon
Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies (PADT) will be able to deliver 3D-printed parts to customers on a scale of several thousand per week.

Dhruv Bhate, PADT, works with Concept Laser mlab 3D printer

Series: Installing a Metal 3D Printer
A five-part series documents one manufacturer’s experience and lessons learned while installing a powder-bed fusion metal 3D printer.

Carbon SpeedCell

PADT Joins Carbon’s Production Partner Program
The partnership enables PADT to offer plastic production parts using Carbon’s digital light synthesis 3D printing system.

Powder life cycle

Installing a Metal 3D Printer, Part 5: Environmental
PADT’s fifth and final blog entry about its experience installing a Concept Laser Mlab Cusing R metal 3D printer focuses on environmental regulations and concerns.

ESD wrist-strap

Installing a Metal 3D Printer, Part 4: Prevention and Mitigation
PADT’s fourth blog entry in a five-part series about their experience installing a Concept Laser Mlab Cusing R metal 3D printer tackles safety risks with a focus on prevention.

Trike frame with custom 3D-printed lugs

3D-Printed Prototypes Become the Parts with Carbon Fiber Filled Filament
Utah Trikes, a retailer and manufacturer of trikes and quads, has grown its custom business using FDM Nylon 12CF to produce end-use composite parts that formerly would have required moldmaking.

Safety chart

Installing a Metal 3D Printer, Part 3: Safety Risks
PADT’s third blog entry in a five-part series about their experience installing a Concept Laser Mlab Cusing R metal 3D printer tackles safety risks and ways to mitigate them.


Installing a Metal 3D Printer, Part 2: Facilities
What facility adaptations are necessary when installing a metal 3D printer? PADT documents the steps it took to support a Concept Laser Mlab Cusing R in this second post in a five-part series. 

Concept Laser MLab Cusing R

Installing a Metal 3D Printer, Part 1: Equipment
When PADT installed a Concept Laser Mlab Cusing R metal 3D printer, the company documented the process from beginning to end. The first in a five-part series.

A metal 3D-printed shift knob, designed by PADT and manufactured with a Concept Laser Mlab to cool faster in a hot car than a conventional shift knob.

AM Conference Speaker: PADT and Concept Laser
The two companies will discuss collaborating to 3D print hard-to-find spare metal parts on demand for a World War II- and Korean War-era fighter bomber.

DustRam being printed

3D-Printed Device Proves Rugged Enough for Dust-Free Tile Removal
Arizona Home Floors considered buying a mold to produce a plastic version of its DustRam product. But when a prototype proved durable enough to withstand working conditions, the production strategy shifted to 3D printing.

3D-printed shift knob

3D Printing a Metal Shift Knob for Faster Cooling
Metal 3D printing and design thinking enabled an engineer to create a shift knob designed to cool rapidly inside a hot car.

Rey Chu, PADT; Ann McKenna, ASU Polytechnic School; John Murray, Concept Laser; Don Godfrey, Honeywell

ASU's New Additive Manufacturing Center Brings Together Academics and Industry
The new facility is the largest academic AM center in the Southwest United States.

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