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NCL - The Ultimate 5-Axis CAM Solution

• Roughing strategies for large components that reduce machine cycle time. • 5-axis rough machining of non-prismatic components. • The ability to access undercut and contoured areas resulting in reduced machine time. • Quick profile feature allowing multi-axis contouring of surfaces.

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Numerical Control Computer Sciences (NCCS) provides state of the art CAD/CAM software solutions to the manufacturing industry with special emphasis in the complex 4 and 5-axis CAM software.

NCL/IPV - In Process Verification

NCL - The Ultimate 5-Axis CAM Solution

• Parts can be quickly dynamically rotated, zoomed, and panned any time during simulation. • Users can perform realistic simulation of toolpaths and the movement of the CNC machine, simultaneously. • Improve quality by inspecting parts on the screen before any chip flies.

PostWorks - Universal Postprocessor

NCL - The Ultimate 5-Axis CAM Solution

• Supports mills, lathes, mill/turns, flame cutters, laser cutters, water jets, and more. • Solids-based simulation of machine tool. • Macro capability for advanced customization.

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